Meet Ashlee



Ashlee has been doing makeup professionally since 2015. Her beauty career stemmed from an early art program, where she perfected painting canvases. It later grew and blossomed into a love for makeup. In 2013, she was hired by MAC Cosmetics as a makeup artist. During this time she also studied Business Management at Johnson & Wales University. Her major contributed to many aspects of successfully running a company. She focused on financial management, marketing, and customer service strategies. MAC also opened many doors for her and taught her the most important skill sets to being a well-rounded artist, which are creativity, communication, and patience. She grew to learn that the application process entails much more than simply beautifying individuals. Her ultimate desire, to provide a positive experience, entails boosting confidence, giving advice which in turn satisfies her clients. As she continues on this journey her greatest goals are to make an astonishing impact within the industry, build an impeccable community of supporters, and create amazing products.